“Mobile ramps were installed in 10 polling stations”, Chairman of N32 TEC says

On November 23, the “Agate” NGO staff had a meeting with Nerses Margaryan, Chairman of Shirak N30 TEC.

Ahead of the elections of local self-government bodies to be held on December 5th in a number of communities in Shirak region, data on the accessibility of N30 TEC polling stations were handed over to the Chairman of N30 TEC.

During the discussion with the “Agate” staff, the TEC Chairman mentioned that mobile ramps have already been installed in a number of communities, including Ashotsk and Amasia.

The meeting took place within the framework of the “Barrier-free realization of electoral rights of persons with disabilities in Shirak Region” sub-grant project which is implemented within the framework of the “Elections4All-2021 – Domestic Observations and Citizens Empowerment by Civil Society” project. The Project is implemented by OxYGen Foundation, Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly – Vanadzor, Union of Informed Citizens and Yerevan School of Political Studies. The Project is funded by the European Union.