“Agate” is starting a “Women with Disabilities Against Violence” new project

“Agate” Rights Defense Center for Women with Disabilities NGO is starting a “Women with Disabilities Against Violence”  new project.


The project goal is to promote eliminating the discrimination and violence against women with disabilities in Armenia through their empowerment and building capacities of women’s rights organizations and service providers to victims of violence to provide quality and accessible services to women with all types of disabilities.


During the upcoming 9 months,


  • We will organize training of trainers (TOT) to empower women and girls with different kinds of disabilities living in Yerevan and the 10 regions of Armenia.
  • We will collaborate with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and will organize workshops for the organizations which provide services to victims of violence. The curriculum of the workshop will cover topics on human rights model of disability and communication skills with women with different kinds of disabilities.
  • We will create information materials to raise awareness of women with disabilities and victims of violence
  • We will hold a conference, with the topic of “Disability and Gender Inclusive Development”


The project is funded by The National Democratic Institute Equal Rights in Action Fund (ERA Fund)․