AID Armenia

 AID Armenia Foundation has been the sustainable donor of Agate NGO since 2010. AID Armenia Foundation has supported different trainings, excursions and events during these years. 

The president of  “Agate” NGO-Karine Grigoryan  has been   coordinating the activities  of  “Aid Armenia” Foundation  in Shirak Marz. With the financial assistance of “Aid Armenia Foundation”  ”Agate” Centre organizes many cognitive excursions to different cultural-historical sights of Armenia.             Such excursions have been organized in different regions of Shirak Region, but this wide-ranging initiative is the first in its nature.             These monthly excursions are organized not only for the beneficiaries of  “Agate” Centre, but also for other organizations engaged in disability issues and children from socially needy 1003089_657482580946511_762529096_nfamilies and boarding schools.  These organizations are “Child care and protection  2nd  boarding  school  after  Frityov Nansen” ,  “Artik  community centre for disabled individuals and elderly’’, “Ani disabled  children’s centre” NGO, ”Cildren’s social care  centre in Gyumri”, “Aregak  day care centre for disabled children”, “Gyumri  child  care and protection  1st boarding  school ”, “Arch of hope”  NGO  in Amasia (totally 300 beneficiaries).             “Agate” Centre helped to realize the dreams of these people, as they visited Oshakan-the graveyard of St. Mesrop Mashtots, Matenadaran- a unique museum where Armenian old manuscripts are kept, Tsitsernakaberd Memorial, Ejmiatsin Cathedral, Yerevan Zoo, Khor Virap,Haghartsin Monastery, Harichavanq,  Garni Pagan Temple, the monastery of Geghard and many other sights of our country.             These excursions give the participants excellent opportunities to see places they have never seen, visit the sights of their homeland, become acquainted with the history and values of Armenia, and of course have fun and forget their daily troubles for a moment.      ..logh1       In Summer 2011, “Agate” made another surprise for the disabled children in Gyumri. More than 200 children with disabilities, their parents and representatives from organizations engaged in disability issues were invited to watch the performance of “Yerevan Circus”.             Agate” NGO  also coordinates   swimming lessons  for  the beneficiaries  of our Centre, “Child care and protection  2nd  boarding  school  after  Frityov Nansen”, 383665_333039520057487_622830338_n2-300x225Aregak  day care centre for disabled children” and ”Trchunyan tun”  boarding school. With the financial assistance of AID Armenia Foundation  Agate center  made Christmas events more pleasant for children with disabilities from orphanages,  socially needy families  and other institutions.  

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