Travel for all

The go1 (1)al of the project is to promote disability travelling in Armenia by providing accessible travel information and accessible travel guidance to the target group, not only for those with a disability, but for anybody with access issues.

The objectives of the project are:1

  • To promote accessible travelling among people with disabilities and for anyone with access issues.
  • To change stereotypes and stigma about the travel needs and opportunities of people with disabilities.
  • To promote the disability exchange educational and professional programs by providing special tips, techniques and information on International disability exchange opportunities abroad.
  • To promote the propagation and distribution of accessible travel guidebooks, the CDs of the audio version of the published guidebook, and the primary Armenian sign language guideline  among Disabled People’s organizations (DPOs) and their beneficiaries, among people with disabilities, the airport staff and travel agents.
  • To promote the dissemination of accessible and adaptive travel resources and tips via “Agate” NGO special webpage.The project is funded by US Embassy Yerevan.

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